Individual Development & Assessments


When you invest in yourself and take the time to grow, you are better able to meet your personal and professional goals.

We help you to clarify your goals and develop yourself so that you can thrive in all parts of your life.

Our Approach to Coaching – Coaching involves a partnership of trust and respect between client and coach. We are very much equal partners and participation by both of us is the key to success. Most importantly, we want you to feel secure and comfortable with us. Only then can our coaching partnership flourish.

In our initial meeting, which takes place virtually we will discuss what your goals are and how we can work together to achieve them. Once we understand your needs, we may ask you to complete appropriate assessments that will help you understanding yourself better. We will review the results of the assessments and what they mean to you. From there we will help you develop a plan of action on how to achieve your desired goals. This plan will include some “take away” activities for you to do which we will discuss during subsequent meetings.


    Assessments we offer:

    • Personality Dimensions® (Personal Report, Professional Report, Wellness Report)
    • PD for Youth®
    • PD Career Dimensions®
    • PD Retirement Dimensions®
    • MBTI®
    • MajorsPTI™
    • EQi2.0®
    • Strong Interest Inventory®
    • TKI® Conflict Management assessment
    • Dealing with Conflict Instrument
    • Leadership Practices Inventory® (360 and Self)
    • Situational Leadership® assessment

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    Are You Ready to Up Your Potential?

    Upping Your Potential is about you and/or your organization stepping outside your comfort zone, learning who you are and embracing your strengths and challenges to expand your boundaries.