Meet the Facilitators Behind UP YOUR POTENTIAL

Susan and Anne are partners in Up Your Potential. Their mission is to help their organizational and individual clients become more effective and successful. Both are accomplished international speakers, facilitators, learning consultants, best selling authors and coaches. They have been working with a wide range of clients since the mid 80s.Their area of expertise is Leadership Development, Interpersonal Management and Communications and Wellness.

Anne Bulstrode

Anne Bulstrode is a senior learning and development consultant, international speaker, bestselling co-author of “Colour Savvy: Helping you Achieve Success in Your Work Life” and Master Personality Dimensions® Trainer. She has over 25 years experience helping people reach their goals. In her private practice, she works with individuals, organizations, not-for-profits and government ministries. Her area of expertise is Interpersonal Communication, Leadership Development, Management/Team Development and Wellness. This includes topics such as Leadership Edge, The Emotional Intelligent Leader, Conflict Resolution, Communications, Team Leadership, Team Building, Work/Life Balance, Wellness and Problem Solving. She has always had a passion for working with people and helping them succeed.

Anne’s formal education includes: Certificate in Adult Education, Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Human Resources Management, Business Management Degree with a major in Management Studies and a minor in Psychology. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

In addition to Anne’s formal education she is qualified to administer and interpret assessments including the MBTI®, MajorsPTI™, Personality Dimensions®, Dealing with Conflict Instrument, Dealing with Conflict 360 Feedback, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management Instrument®, The Strong Interest Inventory®, and Emotional Quotient-Inventory® (EQi2.0).

She is always looking for ways to give back. She is the Past President of the Ontario Association of Personality Type (OAAPT), she worked on Distress Line Peel for a number of years and currently she is involved with organizing Lip Sync Battle Niagara in support of Women’s Place of South Niagara.

Anne believes learning and self-development are a lifelong journey. She embraces this journey with passion and enthusiasm for both her clients and herself. When she isn’t working with her clients you often find her virtually attending food and wine seminars and persuing her other passion, photography.

Susan Geary

Susan Geary has over twenty-five years experience as a facilitator, coach, consultant and corporate education manager. She is co-author of the book “Colour Savvy: Helping you Achieve Success in Your Work Life” and is a Master Personality Dimensions® Trainer. Her mission is to help managers and employees develop the necessary skills and knowledge to perform optimally within organizations. She has worked extensively in both the public and private sector with such clients as the Ontario and Federal Government, banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and several not for profit organizations.

Susan provides consulting services in the areas of facilitation, design and development and needs assessment. She designs and develops courses using principles of adult education such as active involvement, practice and feedback. Her passion is in facilitating workshops in communication, leadership development, wellness, influence, conflict management skills, client service, management, supervision, teambuilding and coaching skills. She consistently receives feedback that her sessions are great fun, energizing and focused on practical skills that can be used in at work and at home.

A specific area of interest and expertise for Susan is in the area of Temperament. She has delivered Personality Dimensions® Workshops to several hundred participants. In her coaching practice she uses the Personality Dimensions® tool extensively to help participants gain a greater understanding of themselves and others and to expand their communications skills repertoire.

Susan is an avid gardener and takes great joy in tending her flower and vegetable gardens.  She loves the outdoors and whenever possible, you will find her hiking or snow shoeing on the Bruce Trail.  As a volunteer, she gives back to others whenever she can by doing pro bono work for organizations and individuals in need.

She has a Ph.D. in Adult Education, Community Development and Counseling Psychology from the University of Toronto. She has a B.Ed from Cambridge University in England. She is qualified to administer the following instruments: Personality Dimension®, MBTI®, MajorsPTI™, Dealing with Conflict Instrument, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, The Strong Interest Inventory®, and Emotional Quotient-Inventory®(EQi2.0).

Are You Ready to Up Your Potential?

Upping Your Potential is about you and/or your organization stepping outside your comfort zone, learning who you are and embracing your strengths and challenges to expand your boundaries.